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King of Farts Candle

King of Farts Candle

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Light up your life, and your sense of humor, with the King of Farts candle. This candle is the perfect gift for anyone with a love for all things silly and absurd. The label reads "King of Farts" and leaves no room for confusion about what this candle is all about. Light this candle and watch as your home transforms into a palace of fragrance... well, maybe not fragrance exactly, but you get the idea. So, whether you're the jester or the king, light the wick and let the good times, and the odors, roll!

This has an amazing scent that’s a mixture of tobacco and wood notes. Each candle is in a 9oz amber glass jar with a black metal lid. They have a 70+ hour burn time and are made from all natural US soy beans.

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